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Based on the best-selling Swift 16 electric R/C helicopter comes our new electric scale mechanics, complete with our new adjustable Swift mechanics platform. With this new platform included in the kit, the Swift Scale Mechanics will fit just about any of our beautifully painted (or unpainted for truly customizable colors) 550 size scale fuselages. With our money saving options and numerous scale upgrades like the multi-blade and flybarless rotorheads, you can bring your dream electric scale R/C helicopter to reality with the Swift Scale Mechanics.



  • Very precise 120 degree eCCPM with a rear mounted rudder servo.

  • Belt driven and built-in autorotation system.

  • Main frames were built with weight reduction and structural rigidity in mind.

  • Most of the parts come preassembled for your convenience.

  • Comes with the Swift NX upgraded headblock for increased durability.

  • 4mm flybar provides improved cyclic response. Excellent for precision hovering and increased blade control.

  • Steel hub triple bearing tail rotor blade grip assembly.

  • Swift NX tail boom and tail gear box.

  • Includes our new adjustable Swift Scale Mechanics Platform.


Just Provide (Items required to flybut not included):

  • 1x 550mm Main Blade Set

  • 1x 6-Channel or better Radio Transmitter System capable of 120 degree eCCPM
        mixing with Transmitter Battery, and Transmitter Battery Charger

  • 1x 6-Channel or better Receiver

  • 1x 600A or better Brushless Electric Motor

  • 1x 85/110 Amp or better Brushless ESC

  • 1x Pinion / Motor Gear

  • 4x Standard or better Servos

  • 1x Gyro (Heading Hold/Lock recommended)

  • 1x 6S or higher Li-Po Battery (depending on setup)

  • 1x Battery Charger

  • 1x Velcro Set (to secure battery)

  • 1x RC Helicopter Tool Set.

Part# CN1046S