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CN1000A Kit/1006A ARF HAWK Instruction Manual

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the following .pdf files. Click HERE to download a free reader if you don't have one.
Page 1 Main Rotor Head
Page 2 Bell Mixers & Main Rotor Grips
Page 3 Flybar & Final Head Assembly & Washout Assembly & Swashplate
Page 4 Start Shaft Assembly
Page 5 Tail Transmission Output Shaft & Counter Gear
Page 6 Main Gear, Main Shaft & Elevator Bellcrank
Page 7 Upper Side Frames
Page 8 Upper Frame Assembly
Page 9 Collective & Aileron Levers
Page 10 Clutch, Clutch Bell, Fan, Shroud & Engine Mount
Page 11 Fuel Tank & Lower Frames
Page 12 Upper & Lower Frame Assembly
Page 13 Final Rotor Head Assembly & Muffler
Page 14 Servo Frame - Airplane
Page 15 Servo Frame - Helicopter
Page 16 Landing Gear & Tail Output Shaft
Page 17 Tail Rotor Output Assembly
Page 18 Tail Rotor Hub & Grips
Page 19 Tail Guide & Drive Shaft
Page 20 Tail Gearbox
Page 21 Tail Boom, Drive & Strut
Page 22 Pushrod Setup
Page 23 Addendum Sheet: Control Rod Lengths (.pdf)
Page 24 Aileron & Collective Linkage setup (heli radio)
Page 25 Aileron & Collective/Throttle Linkage setup (airplane radio)
Page 26 Rotor Head Linkages & Elevator Linkage
Page 27 Elevator & Rudder Linkage (heli & airplane radio)
Page 28 Throttle Linkage & Main Blades
Page 29 Main Blades & Canopy
ARF Supplemental Instructions click here
Radio Components & Balancing click here
Setup and Installation Gyro click here
Final Adjustment: Radio Setup
  Pitch Curve-Using Pitch & Flybar Paddle Gauge CN2026 (not included)
  Throttle Curve Adjustment & Tail Rotor Setup
  Before Flying your Hawk IV Helicopter
  Starting the Engine
  Basic Hovering - Pre Flight Checkup & Log
Replacement and Upgrade Parts: Parts List by Bag
  Hawk IV Replacement Parts - Part Photos: 1 2
  Upgrade Parts p.1
  Upgrade Parts p.2
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