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 Instructions for CN2202A/CN2202B - Aluminum Turbo Cooling Fan for the
 Hawk, Falcon, Raven


The new revolutionized cooling fan eliminates the headache of a stripped slot from the traditional fan heads.

CN2202B shown above
NOTE: To remove the top 1-way bearing enclosure, you must twist/rotate it clockwise for CN2202B.

CN2202A shown above

1. Please inspect your Aluminum Turbo Cooling Fan. If you have the CN2202B with a hex slot, You will need a hex start wand, otherwise, you will need the aid of the Fixed Shaft for Aluminum Turbo Cooling Fan - CN0427WD. All new CN2202B that we distribute come now with a hex slot.

2. Use the tip of the wand as shown below.

CN2202A shown above. CN2202B is installed the same way.

3. Remove the starter shaft.

4. Remove the bearings from the bearing blocks.

5. Start the engine direct.

6. No fuss and no more worries.

* As of 9/22/2008, the reversible wand (CN0427) shipped out will no longer fit the aluminum turbo cooling fan.

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