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MSRP $99.95

[Century] Buy SPRAG AUTO UNIT SET (HW6058)


Part# HW6058

[Century] SPRAG AUTO UNIT SET (HW6058)

What makes the Sprag bearing autorotation unit better than the stock Torrington style roller bearing autorotation unit?

The Torrington style autorotation unit found in the stock Radikal G20 kit is perfectly fine for regular flights on the stock Zenoah G20 motor. The bearing included in the unit is a Japanese made NSK roller bearing offering enough grip on the hardened sleeve to overcome regular usage. When overtasked with continuous auto-rotations or increased torque from modified motors, the roller bearing could wear or break causing the autorotation unit to stay in a positive locked state.

We've listened to our customers and have come up with a stronger, over-engineered solution that should be an install-and-forget-it upgrade. The German made Sprag bearing that is included in the Sprag autorotation unit provides the amount of grip and free-wheeling function that allows for continuous auto-rotations and provides a substantial increase of grip necessary to run modified motors. The logarithmic spiraled engagement curve guarantees equal pitch angles between the sprags and mating surface each and every time when the clutch is engaged. This is only found in Sprag bearings which offer precise indexing resulting in increased operational life of the autorotation unit.



Use On:

  • Radikal G20 (optional upgrade)

Assembly Diagram