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MSRP $39.95

[Century] Buy SPRAG AUTO HUB (HW6057DSP)


Part# HW6057DSP

[Century] SPRAG AUTO HUB (HW6057DSP)


  • 1 pc Sprague Bearing Hub
  • 1 pc Sprague Bearing Hub Cover
  • 2 pcs O-Ring Dampener
  • 6 pcs out of M3x8 FLUSH HEAD CAP SCREWS [CNM3X8FHCS] (not shown)
  • 4 pcs 2.5 x 8 Flush Head Cap Screws (not shown)

Requires other parts on SPRAG AUTO UNIT SET [HW6058]

Use On:

  • Radikal G20 (optional upgrade)