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MSRP $9.95

[Century] Buy 500cc FUEL TANK (HI3138B)


Part# HI3138B

[Century] 500cc FUEL TANK (HI3138B)
Approximately 40% more than the standard fuel tank (HI3138A) for the Raven and Hawk Pro. Ravens released from 5/22/07 will have this fuel tank standard. Owners of Hawk Pro and previous owners of Ravens may find this upgrade essential for more flight time.

Fuel Tank Approx. Dimensions: 120mm x 68mm x 130mm

Use only on:

  • 50NX (replacement part)
  • Raven 50 released after 5/22/07 (replacement part)
  • Raven 50 released before 5/22/07 (upgrade)
  • Hawk Pro (upgrade)