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MSRP $7.99

[Century] Buy 3x8x3 BALL BEARINGS (4pcs) (CNBB0384)

3x8x3 BALL BEARINGS (4pcs)

Part# CNBB0384

[Century] 3x8x3 BALL BEARINGS (4pcs) (CNBB0384)

Use (among others):

  • Radikal N640 Flybarless
  • Radikal E640 Flybarless
  • Radikal G30, Flybarless, Torque Tube
  • Follower arm assembly.
  • Radikal G30, Flybarless, Belt Drive
  • Follower arm assembly.
  • Tail belt tensioner pulley assembly.
  • Radikal G30, SE Carbon version
  • Radikal G30, Carbon version
  • Radikal G30, G10 version
  • Tail belt tensioner pulley assembly.
Swift NX
Swift 620SE Carbon
  • Seesaw offset plates assembly.
  • Swift RTF
  • Swift Plug and Play
  • Swift 16
Swift 550 Carbon