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MSRP $114.95

[Century] Buy RotorTech 600mm Carbon Fiber Scale 3-Blade Set (CN266075-3S)

RotorTech 600mm Carbon Fiber Scale 3-Blade Set

Part# CN266075-3S

[Century] RotorTech 600mm Carbon Fiber Scale 3-Blade Set (CN266075-3S)


  • Length: 600mm
  • Width: 43mm
  • Washout: half degree
  • Grip: >=12mm
  • Hole: 4mm
  • Airfoil: Semi-Symmetrical
  • Tip: Aeroflat
  • Make: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 117g (each blade)
  • Common Application: 3-Bladed 600 Size Scale RC Helicopters.

Also Includes:

  • 6x 1mm thick washers

RotorTech™ Standard Features:

  • Safety wire runs alone the inner core of the blade. This keeps the blades in one piece upon a crash to insure safety to pilots and bystanders.
  • Low parasitic drag coeficient due to the efficient airfoil and top quality clear resin finish, insures more engine power is transferred for lift, speed and more crisp maneuvers.
  • High density D-Spar of Carbon Fiber mixed with a special resin absorbs all high-g spanwise loading.
  • Designed for your 3D performance.
  • Mathced C.C.G. for stability.
  • Matched outward S.C.G. for better autos.
  • Airfoil designed for fast, accurate cyclic.
  • Layered for optimum aerodynamic damping.