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MSRP $12.95

[Century] Buy METAL SEESAW SET (CN2350)


Part# CN2350

[Century] METAL SEESAW SET (CN2350)

Applicable R/C Helicopters:

  • Swift NX
  • All Hawks ( Hawk Pro, Sport, SE V2, and older Hawks upgraded with the CCPM Conversion Kit - 10mm Main Shaft (CN1061A) )
  • Century .30 scale helicopters/mechanics
  • Century .46-.50 scale helicopters/mechanics
  • Raven 50/30
  • Falcon .46-.50


  • Two CNC Metal Seesaw Plates
  • Two CNC Metal Tiebars
  • Two M3x6x5 Metal Spacers
  • Two Medium 3mm Thread Steel Balls (CNLR1020 or CNLR1011)
  • Two M3x6 Button Head Cap Screws (CNM3X6BHCS)
  • Two M3x3 Socket Head Set Screws (CNM3X3SS)

Note: This item is required if you want to upgrade the rotorhub of your Raven 50/30, Falcon .46-.50, or Century .50 scale helicopters/mechanics to the CNC Machined Rotorhub (CN2556)

Note: Swift NX users, if upgrading from the stock seesaw plate, must change the bearing to 3x8x3 BALL BEARINGS (2pcs) [CNBB038].