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MSRP $9.95

[Century] Buy MACHINED HEAD BUTTON (PURPLE) - Metal / CNC Block (CN2215AP)


Part# CN2215AP

[Century] MACHINED HEAD BUTTON (PURPLE) - Metal / CNC Block (CN2215AP)

Very handy to safely slow the rotor head to a stop.

Use on:

  • All Hawks (optional accessory)
  • All Falcons (optional accessory)
  • Raven 50/30 (optional accessory)
  • Century 30 and 50 size Scale Mechanics (optional accessory)
  • Predator Gasser, Predator 60 (including NX versions) (optional accessory)
  • Predator Condor, Gasser SE, Carbon Gasser, 60 SE, 90 Max, 90 Carbon Max (including NX versions) (replacement part)


  • Button Diameter: 34mm
  • Stud Diameter: 3mm
  • Weight: 6.7g
  • Button Make: Aluminum
  • Stud Make: Steel
  • Color: Anodized Purple


  • Falcon SE
  • Falcon SE V2
  • Hawk SE V2
  • Raven 50
  • Raven 30
  • All Predators
No Requirements.
  • All Other Hawks
  • 1st Generation Falcon
  • Century 30 size Scale Mechanics
  • Century 50 size Scale Mechanics
  • Requires CNC Machined Rotor Hub with guide (CN2556) or Metal Rotor Head Yoke Set (HI3160). Optional head button.


  • Silver machined head button for metal block
  • 3mm threaded stud to attach to hub