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MSRP $235.00

[Century] Buy Diamond 5-Blade 30-50 size Rotor Head System (CN1115)

Diamond 5-Blade 30-50 size Rotor Head System

Part# CN1115

[Century] Diamond 5-Blade 30-50 size Rotor Head System (CN1115)


  • Weight: 361g
  • Fits 10mm and 12mm main shafts. Sleeve included for 10mmm main shafts.
  • Blade Root: 12mm
  • Rotor Hub Height: 40mm
  • Main Rotor Bolts: 4mm (bolts and lock nuts included)
  • Rotor Head Bolt (Jesus Bolt): 4mm
  • Linkage balls included.
  • Main shaft collar included.
  • Comes unassembled.


  • 1x Multi-Blade Swashplate
  • 1x Multi-Blade Follower
  • 5x Rotor Head Pushrods with Ball Links

Recommended Required Parts & Accessories:

Note: Lengths of the rotor head pushrods vary from one R/C helicopter to another. They normally would be the same length as the one used on the heli's stock rotor head.

Typical setup:

Shown with optional head button: