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MSRP $349.95

[Century] Buy Diamond 4-Blade 50-90 size IGD Rotor Head System (CN1104)

Diamond 4-Blade 50-90 size IGD Rotor Head System

Part# CN1104

[Century] Diamond 4-Blade 50-90 size IGD Rotor Head System (CN1104)

These high performance scale rotor heads consist of an all metal assembly, dual ball bearing heavy duty plastic blade grips plus thrust bearings which feature the I.G.D. system (Individual grip damping) to dampen each blade individually to eliminate turbulence vibration which is crucial for super smooth flying with multiple rotor blades.


  • Designed especially for scale or sport flying, using high performance components.
  • Incredible Super scale appearances.
  • Individual Grip Damping system ( I.G.D ) for super smooth forward flight.
  • Solid aluminum hub, blade grip is selectable for delta 3 or aerobatic setup.
  • Uses dual ball bearings & large thrust ball bearing in each blade grip.

Head button is not included and is optional.

This rotorhead requires main blades with 5mm bolt holes. Using this on a 30 or 50 size RC helicopter (which typically uses blades with 3-4mm bolt holes) may require you to enlarge your main blade bolt holes to 5mm.