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MSRP $799.00


Phantom 2 Vision

UAV Photo/Video Drone Quadcopter Multi-Rotor

Pilot Skill Level: Begginer to Experienced



Update 6/25/14:

  • Phantom 2 Vision now supports Ground Station function!

    Ground Station support with:

    • Planned flight missions of up to 16 custom waypoints.
    • One-touch "Go Home" function.
    • Flight safety protection:

      • 3.1 miles (5km) flight distance limit.
      • Ground station is automatically disabled when the Phantom battery level falls below 30%.
      • 1640ft (500m) maximum flight radius from HOME point, 656ft (200m) altitude limit.

    This function will be available within the updated DJI Vision app for iOS and Android (DJI Vision app is being updated to iOS v1.0.41 and Android v1.0.50).

    Important: Ensure that your Phantom is running the latest firmware v3.04.


The Phantom 2 Vision - "Your Flying Camera", "The Spirit of Sharing": Not only does it inherit the trademark design excellence of the much loved Phantom, but also represents a breakthrough in the technology of aerial photography. The Phantom 2 Vision is a stronger, smarter aerial platform in every aspect. Batteries with greater capacity, coupled with more efficient propellers design, mean a longer flight time and a more stable flight experience. The Phantom 2 Vision also comes equipped with a 14 megapixel HD video camera of DJI’s own design, which can be easily controlled using the Apple IOS\Android APP. All of this together ensures an unmatched and incredible flying and recording experience."


  • 5.8G Remote Controller (with Mobile Phone holder)

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision 5.8G Remote Controller with Mobile Phone holder
  • Wi-Fi Range Extender

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Wi-Fi Range Extender.
  • Inteligent Flight Battery and Charger

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Inteligent Flight Battery
  • Highly Efficient Self-Tightening Propellers

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Highly Efficient Self-Tightening Propellers
  • Enhanced Flight Times (Up to 25mins).

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Enhanced Flight Times
  • Low Latency Live Preview (0.1s)

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Low Latency Live Preview
  • Remote Controlled Capture via Mobile Phones

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Remote Controlled Capture via Mobile Phones
  • Phone Tilt Controlled Camera Angle

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Phone Tilt Controlled Camera Angle
  • Album Synchronization to Phones & Social Network Sharing

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Album Synchronization to Phones and Social Network Sharing
  • FPV Using Mobile Phone

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision FPV Using Mobile Phone
  • Real Time Flight Parameters On Screen Display

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Real Time Flight Parameters OSD
  • Capture and Record While Flying

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Capture and Record While Flying