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MSRP $110.00

[Century] Buy NEO 660 V2 UAV Drone Hexacopter MultiRotor Kit (CNMR661)

NEO 660 V2

UAV Hexacopter Multi-Rotor

Pilot Skill Level: Begginer to Experienced

Part# CNMR661

UAV NEO 660 V2 Quadcopter Multi-Rotor

Update 8/27/14: All arms of the NEO 660 V2 are now black in color.

The NEO 660 V2 is a multi-rotor platform that has been developed for pure fun, the up and coming Aerial Photographer/Videographer and FPV flight. Precision flight characteristics are offered with the assistance of DJIís Naza-M, WooKong-M autopilot system, or comparable flight control systems.

Completely stable hovering, precise cruising passes, and even enough power for loops and rolls can be achieved. It is a perfect platform for someone thatís looking for a solid multi-rotor for aerial photography, search and rescue operations, law enforcement agencies, and other activities where a flying drone is needed.


  • Wheelbase diameter of 660mm (Motor to Motor)
  • Neo 660 has a carry payload of up to 5.5 lb (Must use 12" super rigid props and 2814/700 Century Lightning motor).
  • CNC machined G10 frame with rigid light weight structural design.
  • Foldable anodized aluminum tube arms for easy storage and deployment.
  • Includes quick release aluminum landing gear with camera ready mount.
  • Easily replaceable center distribution board design.
  • Includes GPS saver mount.
  • Built in GoPro camera ready mount.
  • Quick release light weight tube brackets.
  • Advanced open space frame design provides amble room for easy installation and adjustments.
  • CNC machined aluminum universal motor mounts.
  • Carbon Nylon filled super rigid 10" propellers for high efficiency and improved balance (ARF pack).
  • 30A ESC has been specially designed for multi-rotors for quick throttle response (ARF pack)
  • High efficiency, high power motor "Century Lightning" 2212/980. (ARF pack)
  • High power, high torque, high efficiency motor "Century Lightning" 2216/900. (optional parts)
  • Extreme power, super torque, high efficiency motor "Century Lightning" 2814/700. (optional parts)
  • Carbon Nylon filled super rigid 11" and 12" propellers for efficiency and heavy lift capability. (optional parts)

What's new on the V2:

  • Redesigned top and bottom central boards.
  • New GPS saver orientation to provide multiple battery mounting configuration options.
  • Weight reduction by eliminating the landing gear plate, and associated mounts and hardware.
  • Landing gear now directly attaches to the bottom board.
  • Power distribution board now located in between the top and bottom boards for a truly compact design.

Just Provide ( Items required to fly but not included ):

  • 6x Multi-Rotor Electric Motors (Motor performance requirement: 130W Ė 400W)
  • 6x 30A-40A Multi-Rotor ESC
  • 6x Carbon Nylon or Carbon Fiber 10" to 12" propellers
  • 1x Multi-Rotor controller
  • 1x 4S to 6S Li-Po Battery
  • 1x Aircraft radio transmitter and receiver system with fail safe function
  • 1x Battery Charger
  • 1x 10-14 AWG Power Lead with matching connector for the battery
  • 1x Charge Lead or Charge Lead Connectors (if not included with your charger)
  • Soldering material and equipment
  • 1.5mm hex driver, 2.0mm hex driver, and phillips screwdriver.