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Professional AutoPilot and Stabilization Multi-Rotor Controller

Part# DJIA2**

DJI A2 Dimensions
Supported Multi-rotor
  • Quad-Rotor: +4,x4;
  • Hex-Rotor +6,x6,Y6,Rev Y6;
  • Octo-Rotor +8,x8,V8
  • Supported ESC output 400Hz refresh frequency
    Supported Transmitter for Built-in Receiver Futaba FASST Series and DJI DESST Series
    External Receiver Supported Futaba S-Bus, S-Bus2, DSM2
    Recommended Battery 2S ~ 6S LiPo
    Operating Temperature -5°C to +60°C
    Assistant Software System Requirement Windows XP SP3 / 7 /8 (32 or 64 bit)
    Other DJI Products Supported Z15,H3-2D,iOSD,2.4G Data Link,S800 EVO
    Hovering Accuracy(In GPS Mode)
    • Vertical: ± 0.5m
    • Horizontal: ± 1.5m
    Maximum Wind Resistance < 8m/s (17.9mph/28.8km/h)
    Max Yaw Angular Velocity 150 deg/s
    Max Tilt Angle 35°
    Ascent/Descent ± 6m/s
    Power Consumption MAX 5W (Typical Value: 0.3A@12.5V)
    Built-In Functions
    • Built-in Receiver
    • Multiple Control Modes
    • 2-axis Gimbal Supported
    • Low Voltage Protection
    • PC & Bluetooth Ground Station
    • External Receiver Supported
    • Intelligent Orientation Control
    • Sound Alarm
    • 4 Configurable Output
    Total Weight Total Weight: <= 224g(overall)