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RotorTech® Standard Features

Safety wire runs alone the inner core of the blade. This keeps the blades in one piece upon a crash to insure safety to pilots and bystanders.

Low parasitic drag coeficient due to the efficient airfoil and top quality clear resin finish, insures more engine power is transferred for lift, speed and more crisp maneuvers.

High density D-Spar of Carbon
Fiber mixed with a special resin absorbs all high-g spanwise loading.
  • Smooth and Vibration Free
    • Weight matched to within 0.02 ounces insures accurate static balance.
    • Spanwise C.G. matched to within 1.0mm insures accurate dynamic balance.
    • Chordwise C.G. matched to within 0.25mm insures a matched force loading through maneuvers.
  • Optimum spanwise rigidity delivers crisp damping through maneuvers.
  • The Spanwise C.G. location insures the very good cyclic response and improved autorotations.
  • These blades insure low servo and control mechanism loading in hover and during fast forward flight.
    • The hollow rear section insures a Chordwise C.G. location that results in no lead or lag.
  • Uniform servo and control mechanism loading through maneuvers and in FFF.
    • The Center of Lift location delivers the maximum in rotor blade stability
  • Predictable and repeatable response loading.
    • The airfoil design keeps the center of lift from moving along the chord through rapid pitch changes.
    • Predictable and repeatable autorotation performance.
    • The airfoil and tip design "hang on" to lift at very low rotor speeds without a sudden "dump".
  • A smooth sharp trailing edge reduces induced drag, leaving more power for lift generation.
  • 3 different tips (Angled, Aeroflat, and Curved) to choose from for different kind of flying.
  • Most include spacers and/or washers provided to fit a wide variety of blade grips.
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