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Hummingbird Elite 3D Pro

Introducing the ultimate choice in aerobatic capable Super-micro electric R/C helicopters, the Hummingbird 3D Pro! We are proud to offer this magnificent model as 3D capable right out of the box. Combining the knowledge of R/C nitro collective precision along with the most advanced micro electric design concepts, we have arrived at a model that excels prepared to wipe out the competition.

Expect only the best as you experience tight, precise control and quick response as the Hummingbird 3D Pro will dazzle you with agility and speed. Using the basics of micro electric design to keep components light and durable while distributing heat away from electronic, the Hummingbird 3D Pro is not only precise, but also efficient. When you combine precision and efficiency and add beauty, you will arrive at the Hummingbird 3D Pro: The Ultimate Super-Micro Electric Helicopter.

- Hummingbird 3D Pro Features -
  • Fullly 3D Micro Electric Helicopter
  • 95% Assembled Design
  • Precision 120 ECCPM
  • Brushless Motor
  • Symmetrical Main Blades
  • Metal Pinion and Tail Drive Gear
  • Dual Step Light-Weight Aluminum Frames
  • Built In Autorotation Unit
  • And More …
- Specifications -
  • Main Rotor Span: 556mm
  • Tail Rotor Span: 127mm
  • Length: 489mm
  • Weight: under 380g (with all electronics)
Light-weight electronics mounting tray
Tried and true 120 degree E-CCPM control system
Tail mounted rudder control system
Built in Anti-Rotation bracket
Dual stacked metal frame with included lightweight motor mounts
Auto-rotation bearing comes standard
Metal gears improve durability
3D horizontal and vertical tail fins provide improved manueverability
Standard metal head block provides solid and smooth control
Fiber filled tail rotor blades

CN1012 HB Elite 3D Pro ARF Kit (95% Assembled Design) $109.95 [Century] Buy HB Elite 3D Pro ARF Kit (95% Assembled Design) (CN1012)
CN1012B HB Elite 3D Pro ARF Kit (95% Assembled Design)
with Electron 25 ESC
$115.95 [Century] Buy HB Elite 3D Pro ARF Kit (95% Assembled Design)<BR>with Electron 25 ESC (CN1012B)


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