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Predator Gasser NX

Gas Powered RC Helicopter

Part# CN1303A: Heli only (Discontinued)

Part# CN1303: Heli with Zenoah 23cc engine (Discontinued)

* Canopy, Tail Fin Set, and Main Blades shown above are optional

Introducing the all new Predator Gasser NX. A great R/C helicopter that flies on gasoline which makes it one of the most economical power machines on the market. Take it out for a spin in the great outdoors and even mountainous regions. The Predator Gasser NX flies longer and in higher altitudes.

NX (Next Generation) Series of Predators Features:

With numerous upgrades and improvements to its critical parts, the NX Predators are more durable and rigid than ever. These developments are designed to make the helicopter perform better under any application.

  • Wide supports of main blade grip arms for increased durability.
  • 1-piece mold rotor head yoke for increased durability. Yoke has ends streamlined to the Blade Grips.
  • Lightweight flybar paddles designed to eliminate balooning effect on fast forward flights giving you a locked in feel.
  • Super heavy duty cooling fan hub to prevent clutch alignment issues from possible warping of the material.
  • Thick clutch shoes for better holding power.
  • Thick, wide, heavy duty clutch bell for additional grip.
  • All metal, lightweight swashplate with Teflon Coated Center Ball.
  • Six bolt mounts on the front tail transmission case for a strong grip of the tailboom.
  • Thick construction of tail gearbox. It has tail output shaft supports for increased rigidity.
  • Lightweight tail blade grips has additional supports for Increased rigidity.
  • Aerodynamic pitch plate arms of the tail blade grips.

Standard Features:

Rotor Head
  • Machined aluminum center hub.
  • Full bearing supported & adjustable seesaw for FAI or 3D.
  • Floating feathering spindle with adjustable damping.
  • High tilt flybar with rigid flybar control yoke.
  • Machined aluminum, full bearing supported bell-hiller mixers.
  • Adjustable bell-hiller ratio allows tuning for preferred cyclic response.
  • Heavy duty main rotor grips with 5mm long shank blade bolts.
  • Blade grips will accommodate any blades with 12mm to 18mm blade roots.
  • Large one-piece 29gr flybar paddles for sport and 3D flying.
  • Two radial bearings and a heavy duty thrust bearing in each blade grip.
  • 10mm Hardened main shaft.
Control System
  • eCCPM 3 servos system with bellcranks to absorb rotor head vibration.
  • Electronic CCPM (cyclic collective pitch mixing) at 120 or 140 orientation.
  • Push-pull dual bearing supported roll cyclic bellcranks.
  • Direct dual bearing supported fore-aft cyclic bellcrank.
  • Dual bearing supported washout control arms.
  • Washout base with brass sleeve for zero slop.
  • Machined dual ball bearing CCPM swashplate for 120 or 140 setup.
  • 24º Collective pitch range.
Drive Train
  • Variable main gear ratio.
  • Large diameter slipper clutch that drives the tail during autorotations.
  • Clutch bell and lower main shaft bearing block are coupled as one unit for maximum rigidity.
  • Adjustable clutch bell gear mesh.
  • Large machined clutch bell support by a 15x24 ball bearing.
  • Heavy duty clutch provides flywheel effect for smooth idle.
  • Sprague type autorotation unit.
  • Hardened hex start coupler with 120 set screws.
  • Efficient cooling fan with location holes for governor magnets.
  • Split collar mast stopper for simple secure main shaft adjustment.
  • Machined heavy-duty 14mm delrin gear for heavy loads.
  • High quality ball bearings with high quality hardware.
  • High gloss high quality white gel coated epoxy fiberglass canopy.
  • Embedded carbon strip reinforcement.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes with rubber grommets.
  • Tinted high gloss windshield.
  • Pre-cut swashplate, main shaft and starting shaft holes.
  • Streamlined aerodynamic design for fast forward flight.
Main mechanics
  • Rigid stacked modular aluminum mainframe design with continuous machined lower bearing block assembly.
  • Fuel tank located on carburator's centerline for consistent engine operation right side up or inverted.
  • Large 22 oz fuel tank for long engine run time.
  • Separate front and rear frames permit engine removal with muffler and carburetor attached.
  • Rear cross brace and bottom frame plate provides rigidity in all 3 axis.
  • Rear engine head design to reduce overall weight and mechanics volume to increase aerobatic maneuverability.
  • Lightweight machined aluminum engine mount.
  • Extra long battery tray accommodates radio components.
  • Convenient and easy access to glow plug.
  • Tough and flexible landing gear.
  • Tail drive gear off main gear is supported front and back by radial bearings.
  • Integrated front tail transmission and tail boom eliminates any potential gear mesh and alignment problems.
  • Bearing supported carbon drive shaft with universal end couplers.
  • Fully supported carbon tail pushrod with machined aluminum end fittings.
  • Large hardened heavy-duty metal tail gears.
  • Two radial and one thrust bearing in each tail rotor blade grip.
  • Rear rudder servo mount for direct and smooth tail control.
  • Bearing supported tail pitch lever designed for optimal linear tail pitch.
  • Flexible 3D style horizontal and vertical tail fins.
  • Extra large 5x13mm tail output shaft bearing.
  • Strong lightweight aluminum tail boom.
  • Dual aluminum tail boom support struts.
  • Flexible and lightweight 4.5gr 95mm tail blades.
  • Hardened steel tail output shaft.


  • Tail rotor span: 10.5"
  • Overall length: 55.7"
  • Height: 18.2"
  • Gear Ratio: 1 : 6.28
  • Engine: Gasoline

Just Provide (Items required to fly but not included):

  • 1x Gasoline powered RC helicopter engine
  • 1x Gasser tuned muffler
  • 1x 710mm-720mm main blades (carbon fiber recommended)
  • 5x Sport line or better servos
  • 1x Heading hold/lock gyro
  • 1x 7-channel or better Radio Transmitter capable of 120 degree eCCPM mixing with Transmitter Battery, and Transmitter Battery Charger.
  • 1x Transmitter and receiver crystal set
  • 1x Governor (optional but highly recommended)
  • 1x Gasoline
  • 1x RC helicopter tools
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