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Steel Control Balls & Plastic Link

Century offers a complete selection of servo hardware for our own helicopters and most other models available on the market. Our machined steel balls are direct replacement for most 30-60 helicopters.

CNLR1001 Ball Link - Flexible (6) $4.50
CNLR1002 Servo Mounting Tab(10) $4.50
CNLR1005 Steel Ball - Hollow center(10) $4.95
CNLR1010 Machined Steel Ball End - S (2) $4.95
CNLR1011 Machined Steel Ball End - M (2) $4.95
CNLR1012 Machined Steel Ball End - L (2) $5.95
CNLR1013 Steel Ball 2mm Thread-Short (2) $4.95
CNLR1013A Steel Ball 2mm Thread-Short (10 piece) $19.95
CNLR1014 Stainless Ball 3mm Thread-Short (2) $4.95
CNLR1015 Stainless Ball 3mm Thread-Medium (2) $4.95
CNLR1016 Steel Ball 3mm Thread-Long (2) $4.95


HW3192 (2.2mm rod)

HW3192A (2.2mm rod)
Ball Link & Pushrod

Century's Hawk, Falcon, Raven and Scale helicopters use heavy duty 2.2mm pushrods everywhere except the tail rotor. It is generally a good idea to have a spare set of ball links on hand as they will wear out over time.

HI3145 Plastic Ball links for all Hawk, Falcon & Phoenix (15 long 4 short) $9.50
HW3192 Pushrod Set(Hawk,Falcon, 4C) $7.95
HW3192A Pushrod Set(Raven 30/50) $7.95
HW3192B Pushrod Set(Scale model) $7.95

Linkage Rods

These linkage rods are all 2mm and will fit most of the helicopters on the market, always check to verify your helicopters sizes. These rods work best with the CNLR1000 Heavy Duty ball links and the steel ball hardware.

Please note, we do sell a 2mm die however, it will not work on these pushrods. The threads are formed where the pushrod diameter is actually thinner at 1.8mm.

CNLR012 M2 Pushrod - 12mm(2) $2.00
CNLR014 M2 Pushrod - 14mm(2) $2.00
CNLR025 M2 Pushrod - 25mm(2) $2.00
CNLR032 M2 Pushrod - 32mm(2) $2.00
CNLR040 M2 Pushrod - 40mm(2) $2.00
CNLR044 M2 Pushrod - 44mm(2) $2.00
CNLR050 M2 Pushrod - 50mm(2) $2.00
CNLR066 M2 Pushrod - 66mm(2) $2.00
CNLR068 M2 Pushrod - 68mm(2) $2.00
CNLR075 M2 Pushrod -75mm(2) $2.00
CNLR080 M2 Pushrod -80mm(2) $2.00
CNLR085 M2 Pushrod -85mm(2) $2.00
CNLR100 M2 Pushrod -100mm(2) $2.00
CNLR120 M2 Pushrod -120mm(2) $2.50
CNLR130 M2 Pushrod -130mm(2) $3.00
CNLR140 M2 Pushrod -140mm(2) $3.00
CNLR680 M2 Pushrod -680mm(1) $3.00

Machined Finish Caps & Washers

These are a true pro's way to say "I care about my helicopter". They look good and fasten securely onto your helicopter. Colors available are pictured.
(Hawk/Falcon/Phoenix only)
CN2217B Screw cap (10) Blue
CN2217BK Screw cap (10) Black $6.95
CN2217G Screw cap (10) Gold $6.95
CN2217GN Screw cap (10) Green $6.95
CN2217P Screw cap (10) Purple $6.95
CN2217S Screw cap (10)Silver $6.95
CN2218BK Nut washer (10) Black $6.95
CN2218G Nut washer (10) Gold $6.95
CN2218GN Nut washer (10) Green $6.95
CN2218P Nut washer (10) Purple $6.95
CN2218S Nut washer (10) Silver $6.95
Hardware (Screws, Nuts & Washers)

Century offers a full selection of screws and nuts for almost every fastener on your helicopter. If you are interested in bulk packaging, contact a sales representative.

CNLR1003 Micro washer M3x4.5x0.5T(10) $2.75
CNM2.3X10ST M2.3X10 Phillips Servo Screws(10) $2.45
CNM2FW M2 Flat Wahers(10) $1.15
CNM2NUT M2 Hex Nuts(10) $1.75
CNM3.5X10FW M3.5X10 Flat Washers (6) $1.95
CNM3LOCK M3 Lock Nuts(10) $3.30
CNM3NUT M3 Hex Nuts(10) $1.85
CNM3X10CS M3X10 Socket Head Cap Screws(10) $2.90
CNM3X10FW M3X10X1 Large Flat Washers(10) $1.45
CNM3X10PW M3X10 Plastic Washers $1.95
CNM3X12CS M3X12 Socket Head Cap Screws(10) $2.90
CNM3X12ST M3X12 Phillips Tapping Screws(10) $2.45
CNM3X15ST M3X15 Phillips Tapping Screws (8) $2.45
CNM3X16CS M3X16 Socket Haed Cap Screws(10) $3.00
CNM3X20CS M3X20 Socket Head Cap Screws(10) $3.30
CNM3X20PH M3X20 Phillips Machine Screws $3.30
CNM3X25CS M3X25 Socket Head Cap Screws (10) $3.65
CNM3X30CS M3X30 Socket Head Cap Screws (10) $3.80
CNM3X30ST M3X30 Phillips Tapping Screws(4) $2.60
CNM3X35CS M3X35 Socket Head Cap Screws(10) $4.10
CNM3X3SS M3X3 Socket Head Set Screws(10) $2.95
CNM3X40CS M3X40 Socket Head Cap Screws(4) $3.00
CNM3X4CS M3X4 Socket Head Cap Screws(10) $2.70
CNM3X4SS M3X4 socket Head Set Screws(10) $2.95
CNM3X5PH M3X5 Phillips Machine Screws(4) $1.30
CNM3X6CS M3X6 Socket Head Cap Screws(10) $2.70
CNM3X6FW M3X6X1 Flat Washers(10) $1.45
CNM3X6SS M3X6 Socket Head Set Screws(10) $2.95
CNM3X6ST M3X6 Phillips Tapping screws(10) $1.95
CNM3X7FW M3X7X.5 Flat Washers(10) $1.45
CNM3X8CS M3X8 Socket Head Cap Screws(10) $2.90
CNM3X8FHCS M3X8 Flush Head Cap Screws(10) $3.25
CNM3X8ST M3X8 Phillips Tapping Screws(10) $2.10
CNM4LOCK M4 Lock Nut(4) $2.10
CNM4NUT M4 Hex Nuts(4) $1.40
CNM4X10CS M4X10 Socket Head Cap Screws(6) $2.60
CNM4X10FW M4X10X1 Flat Washers(10) $1.45
CNM4X12CS M4X12 Socket Head Cap Screws(6) $2.60
CNM4X16CS M4X16 Socket Head Cap Screws(6) $2.95
CNM4X20CS M4X20 Socket Head Cap Screws(6) $2.95
CNM4X25CS M4X25 Socket Head Cap Screws(4) $3.30
CNM4X30CS M4X30 Socket Head Cap Screws(4) $3.70
CNM4X35CS M4X35 Socket Head Cap Screws(4) $3.70
CNM4X45CS M4X45 Socket Head Cap Screws(2) $3.30
CNM4X4SS M4X4 Socket Head Set Screws(6) $2.45
CNM4X6SS M4x6 Socket Head Set Screws(6) $2.65
CNM4X8FW M4X8X1 Flat Washers(10) $1.45
CNM5X10FW M5X10X1 Flat Washers(10) $1.70
CNM5X12CS M5X12 Socket Head Cap Screws(2) $2.60
CNM5X16CS M5X16 Socket Head Cap Screws(2) $2.80
CNM5X60CS M5X60 Socket Head Cap Screws(2) $4.20
CNM6X10LW M6X10 Lock Washers(2) $1.95
CNM6X25CS M6X25 Socket Head Cap Screw(1) $2.10
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