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AS350 Ecureuil A-Star (TRK Green)

600 Size RC Helicopter Scale Fuselage

Part# CN4131SG


The AS350 Ecureiul A-Star 50 size fuselage is one of Century's most detailed fuselages. It comes with everything shown plus prop wiper blades, antennae, door handles, and boom bars. This beautifully painted and detailed fuselage will fit most 50 size RC Helicopters. It is completed in super lightweight bright colors and has a mirror quality finish with a clear fuel proof coat to add incredible brilliance and shine.


  • Designed to fit most 50 size RC Helicopters.
  • Top-grade lightweight fiberglass front nose, rear body and tailboom, tail gear box cap and top vertical fin, and horizontal fin.
  • Pre-installed high grade pre-cut aircraft plywood.
  • Slightly tinted front windshield and windows.
  • Lights can be integrated into light ports located on the top of the vertical fin and the end of the tailboom. (Lighting equipment is not included and is optional)
  • Scale landing gear with steps included.
  • Complete windows included.
  • Includes prop wiper blades, prop, antennae, door handles, and boom bars.
  • Embossed details all over the fuselage for added realism.
  • Prop aluminum fuel cap also for added realism.
  • Drill bits included.
  • Instruction sheets included.

Pre-Painted Version Features:

  • New! Magnetic locking mechanism attaches front nose to the rear body. (magnets included)
  • Grill screen mesh on top is pre-installed and prepainted.
  • Pre-attached prop engine vent.
  • Pre-installed guide poles to precisely align the front nose to rear body when attaching them together.
  • Pre-attached embossed details.
  • Pre-attached prop aluminum fuel cap.
  • Prepainted prop exhaust.
  • Pre-attached light ports.
  • Black landing skids.
  • Pre-cut windshield and windows.


  • Length: 56" (front-nose to tailboom)
  • Width: 10" (body only at the widest part)
  • Height: 14" (main body to skids)

Includes Mounting Hardware & Instructions for:

  • Century 50 size Scale Mechanics
  • Hirobo Sceadu
  • Thunder Tiger Raptor
  • Align T-Rex 600 (Nitro)

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