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[Century] Buy HWC/Zenoah G20e 3D Expert RC Helicopter Engine (HWC20E**)


High Performance HWC Modified Zenoah Engine

RC Helicopter Petroleum Engine

Part# HWC20E**

[Century] HWC/Zenoah G20e 3D Expert RC Helicopter Engine (HWC20E**)

We are proud to announce we will be distributing a new line of modified Zenoah engines. The HWC Modified High Performance Zenoah Engines will be available for your helicopter bringing new standards of performance to the gas powered market.

Easier engine startup. Incredible fuel efficiency with legendary Zenoah parts reliability. HWC performance improving technology. You’ll get it all, plus power to spare, with HWC/Zenoah electronic ignition engines. The engines share many of the core components Zenoah uses in their world famous magneto engines. And, like the magneto engines, they’re built for modelers who value dependability and ease of use above all else.

What sets HWC/Zenoah helicopter engines apart is their sophisticated electronic ignition system that saves weight and makes starting much easier. The HWC EI system can be powered with 4.8V to 8.2V Li-Po batteries. Never needs power regulators and the current draw is so low you’ll be able to use smaller capacity battery packs and save weight.

Because the EI system eliminates the need for magnetos and other supporting components, HWC/Zenoah helicopter engines are significantly lighter as well. This reduced weight coupled with the impressive torque numbers make it possible to achieve thrilling power-to-weight ratio performance.


  • HWC modified Zenoah engine specially designed for the Century Radikal G20 helicopter.
  • 4.8-8.2V Li-Po ready electronic ignition with variable timing, no voltage regulator needed.
  • The proven and efficient ignition system only draws 300-400mAh which allows for a smaller battery and longer flight times between charges.
  • Increased power band compared to magneto engines.
  • Perfectly balanced Electronic Ignition engine ideal for high RPM and high output with low vibrations. This offers increased power output compared with magneto engines.
  • Modifications performed with every engine, finished and inspected by experienced engineers. HWC/Zenoah modified engines have been demonstrated on You Tube, Youku and various internet forums illustrating performance better than any other competitors.
  • HWC 25000 RPM high efficiency electronic ignition unit.
  • HWC/Century Chrome plated, High Flow Air Filter with aluminum mount.
  • Genuine Walbro anti-air bubble internal tank fuel filter.
  • Pull start adapter plate for the Radikal G20.
  • Specially designed HWC/Century Torpedo Slim v.2 (4mm standard by-pass porting) tunable muffler included with combo package and purpose built for helicopter's high output, high torque, and quieter operation.
  • Instruction manual with one year parts defect limited warranty


  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Cylinders: Single
  • Displacement: 1.2 cu. in. (20.1cc)
  • Carb Type: Walbro 881H with choke
  • Cylinder Type: Ringed Nikasil plated
  • Muffler Type: HWC/Century Torpedo Slim v.2 (included with combo package)
  • Fuel: Gasoline/Oil Mix 32:1
  • RPM Range: 1,500–15,000
  • Crankshaft Threads: M8 x 1.25
  • Stroke: 1.00 in (25mm)
  • Bore: 1.26 in (32mm)
  • Weight: 806g