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Century Helicopter Products Century Helicopter Products presents some of the most innovative products for the radio control industry on the market today. We have several hot products to showcase, the NEO multirotors, petroleum gas-powered Radikal G20/G30/Condor, nitro powered Hawk Pro and Radikal N640, large electric Swift series, multi-bladed electric/nitro Scale Mechanics, and our 30-50 size scale helicopters. We are also an authorized dealer and distributor for DJI Innovation.

Today's fleet of CENTURY helicopters has grown substantially since we introduced the original Hawk 30 back in the beginning of 1997. The tradition established then is still proudly living on - state of the art design, quality manufacturing and a pricing structure that will appeal to all consumers and a margin structure that will appeal to all of our dealers.

As both a manufacturer and distributor in model helicopters, we strive to provide the best selection and quality of helicopters, parts and accessories for all your helicopter needs. One of our best selling scale helicopter is the Airwolf 620 Electric. Our kit is not "stand way off" blow molded plastic imitations, but accurate scale, professionally built and painted fiberglass units, that have easy fitting windows and opening doors! It is an R/C scale fliers dream come true.

Product Line

NEO Multirotors - These professional and hobby quadcopters and hexacopters are perfect aerial photo/video platforms.

Petroleum Gas-Powered Radikal Series- Our proud debut of the Radikal had been a smash hit in the petroleum gas-powered R/C helicopter market! Designed from the ground up, stable design low weight, and reasonable pricing make it a very good alternative to nitro-powered helis. Whether it's the Radikal G20 50 size machine or the Radikal G30 90 size machine, pilots will get the performance they need from a gas-powered R/C helicopter.

Hawk Pro and 50 NX- Ideal for the beginners who want a nitro machine that is easy to build, fly, and inexpensive to buy and maintain.

Swift Series - The Swift series of 30-50 size helicopters offer pilots seeking performance and reliability from an electric R/C helicopter without having to spend a lot.

Multi-Blade Scale Mechanics - Offers scale fliers with a machine with 3-blade, 4-blade, or 5-blade rotor heads to power their chosen scale fuselage and bring their dream helicopters to life.

Scale Helicopters - Our new line of scale helicopter kit is based on our 30 and 50 scale mechanics.

Scale Fuselages - A complete line of 30, 46/50 and 60/90 size fuselages made from lightweight epoxy fiberglass. Available in unpainted and pre-painted models.

Diamond Multi-Blade Main & Tail Rotors - For the scale enthusiast wanting to put a multi-bladed main rotor head and tail rotor system to their current R/C helicopter. Whether it's for a 50 size machine or a 90 size machine, we have the perfect multi-blade system for scale enthusiasts.

Main Rotor Blades - Highly acclaimed competition ready RotorTech carbon fiber blades. Affordable and reliable Aerotech wood blades. Balanced carbon reinforced-fiberglass Funkey blades.

Silent Power and Torpedo Mufflers - A complete line of mufflers for 30, 50, and Gas R/C helicopters.

Tools & Field Support - Century offer a large selection of helicopter special tools and field support equipment.


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