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Becoming an International Dealer/Distributor

Dear Dealer/Distributor,

We thank you for your interest in selling Century products. You will find all of our latest Century Helicopter Products throughout our web site. It covers our entire product line and accessories we manufacture and distribute (e.g. DJI). We do our best to update it regularly - almost daily.

We manufacture and distribute some of the most innovative products for the radio control helicopter market today. Our current multirotors are perfect aerial photo/video platforms. Our current line of R/C helicopters have introduced many to the joys of R/C helicopters, from novice to 3D. Our current nitro fueled R/C helis have evolved into state of the art machines that can hold there own with any competitor in today's market - at a much more attractive price to the your customers, with a much better profit margin.

Your business prosperity in the helicopter market relies on the advertising and the promotion that we put in magazines, on the internet, at trade shows and fun flies. We recognize that all of these bring customers into the your hobby shop to see our products. For those business's that have established Internet sites or advertise on your own, our efforts improve on your exposure. To support our dealers/distributors, we recommend customers our dealer/distributor's hobby shop when we are called directly. Century offers you the chance to sell high quality products that have an established positive market presence, that allow you good margins and that help build a return customer base.

Your business can choose to apply for Dealer or Distributor status. A detailed explanation of the three different levels of application follows:

  • Dealer - Carries a small amount our products. Can special order items for customers.
  • Distributor - Carries more of our helicopters and parts. Sells Wholesale to dealers.
  • Exclusive Distributor - Preferred choice, they carry most of our helicopters, parts & optional upgrades. Sells Wholesale to dealers. No other Century distributors will be allowed on your country. All dealer applications we received in you country will be referred to you.

If you wish to establish Dealer or Distributor status with our company, please review our requirements and fill-up our dealer application online here. We are committed to support legitimate hobby dealers and distributors and assist them wherever possible.